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Celebrating Creativity While Developing Critical Thinkers
Learn from Miss Science herself! This engaging webinar with Sherri Smith-Dodgson (aka Miss Science) will include strategies, ideas, and tips for sparking creativity and problem solving. Educators will leave this presentation with a new understanding of how to support creativity in all subjects.

The evolution of aviation (and many other progressive inventions and discoveries) was founded in creative and critical thinking – and by people who were engaged and motivated.

From paper airplanes to drones and far beyond, this fascinating presentation will include lively discussion and concrete ways educators can spark creativity in their students while understanding and teaching the skills students will need to be future ready and successful in school and a career.

Our engaging presenter will fuse topics including STEAM, entrepreneurship, literature, and Makerspaces as she shares simple ways to incorporate project-based learning.

Perfect for Grades K-12.

Participants will leave the presentation with:

• An understanding of how to fuse a cross-curricular approach to support creativity while developing critical thinking skills in students

• An arsenal of resources you can use immediately in your classroom

• New ideas and strategies that will inspire students and get their creative juices flowing

• Ideas for summer learning!


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Sherri Smith-Dodgson
Content Consultant @Follett Learning
Sherri Smith-Dodgson, long known as Miss Science, is a passionate STEM and EdTech consultant, entrepreneur, and expert in problem-based learning, parent engagement, and creativity.